Asked Questions

How is it done?

A mold will be made from your body using alginate, a quick casting material blended with water. The mold is then filled with casting stone which makes the sculpture very strong, durable and long-lasting. The sculpture is then artistically finished, sealed and painted.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! The materials are skin-safe, non-toxic and have been used in the dental industry for years. Our studio uses alginate which is made from seaweed.  

What age is best to cast children?

Newborns can be cast immediately. Capture the precious time right away! However, no child is too old to cast. Treasure their growth and change at every age. Many parents & grandparents make casting an annual event / birthday celebration. 

Each casting project is priced differently. The gallery features an outline of options and fees. Special requests are welcomed and a custom quote will be provided. A deposit is required when your appointment is scheduled. The remaining payment is due on your appointment date.

What is the cost?